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Missouri License# LC001556113

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Our Locksmiths are fully Insured and Licensed in St Louis, Missouri. License# LC001556113. We are your trusted, local locksmiths.

Trusted Locksmithing

We work hard to satisfy our discerning customers by offering 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star services and results. Read Our 540+ Google Reviews!

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Our Mobile Locksmiths come to you, 24/7/365, at your home, business, or vehicle! Call us- we are always ready to help you with locks, keys, and emergencies.

Call Master Locksmith Service For Your Home, Auto, and Business Security Lock Needs

When you need to get your locks changed or fixed in Saint Louis, you’ll want to call a professional like us. Our Saint Louis locksmiths are experts at working with locks and can help you with a wide variety of issues. Here are some of the most common services that our locksmiths offer:

 Lock Installation: Our St. Louis locksmith can install new or replacement locks on your doors, windows, or other secure areas. They can also help you troubleshoot and fix problems with your locks. 

Lock Repair: If your lock is broken or needs to be replaced, our St Louis residential locksmith can help you replace the lock or access and fix the lock so it’s working properly. 

Lock Upgrades: Locks can become outdated over time, and may not be as secure as they used to be. With us, our St Louis locksmith can help you upgrade your locks to a more secure model.

Key Making and Replacement: Keys can become lost, damaged, or stolen. Our locksmith can help you make new keys and replace lost or damaged keys.

Rekeying Locks: If you want to change the locks but don’t want to install a new lock, rekeying will give you a new set of keys for that lock, increasing your security and safety. 

If you need help with any of these services, you’ll want to call a professional locksmith at Master Locksmith. Our locksmiths are experts at working with locks and security, and can help you with a wide variety of issues fast and easily.


Residential Locksmith

- Lock Change
- Lock Repair
- Rekeying
- Lock Installation
- Home Lockouts
-Smart Lock Installs
-House Keys
-Deadbolt Locks
-Electronic Locks

Commercial Locksmith

-Business Lockout
- Commercial Rekey
- Commercial Lock Change
- Install High-Security Locking Systems
- Master Key
- Install Push Bar Systems
- Biometric Locks
- Safe Openings
- Fresh Lock Installations
-Access Control System Installation
-Locksmiths For Banks
-Locksmiths For Schools/ Colleges
-REO ( Real Estate )Locksmithing

Car Locksmith

-Car lockouts
- New Vehicle Keys
- Chip Key Programming
- Ignition Repair
- Domestic & Foreign Vehicles
- Key Duplication
- Commercial Fleet Vehicles
-Car Key Replacement
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Years Experience

Access to experienced locksmith services is essential for anyone who owns a home or business in Saint Louis. Locksmith services can protect your key residential property and possessions from theft, and they can also help you keep your home or business safe in St. Louis.

When you need the best locksmith services in St. Louis, you can trust the professionals at Master Locksmith to provide you with the best possible service. We have years of experience in the locksmith industry, and we will always get the task done quickly and efficiently. We offer a wide range of locksmith services to St. Louis, including key replacement, lock installation, and lock repair. We can also help you set up and access security measures, such as locksmith services for home security.

If you need locksmith services, call Master Locksmith in St. Louis today. We are available 24/7, and we will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Service Of Master Locksmith?

There are many benefits to using a locksmith service like us in St. Louis. Locksmiths are experts at repair, access, and replacement of locks, and can also provide security services for your business. Here are four reasons to consider using our locksmith:

24 Hour Locksmith- Master Locksmith (314) 400-7054

1. They can help you secure your property.

Our Saint Louis locksmith can help you secure your property with new or replacement locks. They can also provide security services for your business, including installing security cameras and locks.

2. They can help you fix broken locks.

If your locks are broken, our St. Louis locksmith can help you fix them. They can also replace locks if they are damaged or lost.

3. They can help you avoid lockouts.

Our Saint Louis locksmiths can help you avoid lockouts by fixing broken locks or replacing locks that have been lost or stolen.

4. They can help you troubleshoot locks.

If you are having trouble unlocking or with the installation of your locks, our St. Louis locksmith can help you troubleshoot the problem. They can also provide advice on how to keep your locks secure.

Top Rated Locksmith Service- Master Locksmith (314) 400-7054

Master Locksmith
7584 Olive Blvd unit 202
St. Louis, MO 63130
(314) 400-7054

Krystina Malzahn
Krystina Malzahn
Car Lockout St Louis
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"This was my first time locking my keys in my car and using a Locksmith and they exceed my expectations! They arrive in less than an hour and unlocked my car in under 10 min of arriving with no damage or marking to my vehicle. Their prices are affordable and the technician was so kind and helpful. I will definitely be calling on them again should I ever need and would definitely recommend! Thanks again! "
 Cherish Bollinger
Cherish Bollinger
Locksmith Service Creve Coeur
Read More
"My Locksmith Tech was absolutely amazing. To begin with I called and she got to me very quickly (approx. 20 min). Her customer service was probably the best I've had at any business. He is amazing and very resourceful so if anyone ever needs Locksmith service, this your place to go. Ask for Tech and you will see what I speak of. Very satisfied."
 Carter Daniel
Carter Daniel
Emergency Locksmith Maryland Heights
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"The locksmith showed up within a reasonable amount of time. They got in and out of my house in 10 minutes. They were very knowledgeable and the price was fair. He was very pleasant, expedient in unlocking my vehicle and knowledgeable. I was very happy and would recommend him to anyone. "
 William Shubertman
William Shubertman
Auto Lockout Town And Country MO
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"We were traveling from out of town and had a 7 hour drive back home when locked keys in the car. The Technicians called within minutes of my first call and they arrived quickly. Service at the vehicle was quick and professional. Technician was very friendly and made a stressful situation calm. Payment was also easy. The call back to make sure everything went well was also nice."
Rhys Darwin
Rhys Darwin
Commercial Lock Change Kirkwood MO
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"Exactly what I was looking for! This Locksmith Technicians is just incredible in installing and repairing hardware. Their work is top-notch. I've been calling them for a long time now. And they are just amazing. Thank you for providing me with the service I wanted. I highly recommended them to friends and family."

 Hiring Master Locksmith in St Louis is a cost-effective solution. We charge a reasonable fee and offer a high level of service. We are knowledgeable master locksmiths and are knowledgeable about all types of locks. A team like us can help you choose the best lock for your needs and can recommend modifications or replacements if needed. They are experienced in emergency services. If you need help in an emergency, a master locksmith is the perfect option. We are experienced in dealing with emergency situations and will be able to help you get your property back open as quickly as possible. If you’re looking for reliable help with your security, a master locksmith is the perfect option. Our great team members are experts at opening locks and can help you with all of your security needs.

Master Locksmith
Expert Services For The People In The County And City Of St Louis, MO

Master Locksmith is known as the best in the business around St Louis. We are experts at opening locks and can help you with all of your security needs. If you’re looking for reliable help with your security, a master locksmith is the perfect option. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a master locksmith:

  •  Our team is highly Experienced
  •  A master locksmith has years of experience opening locks. 
  • They know how to do it quickly and efficiently, which is why you can trust them to help you with your security needs.
  •  Our locksmiths are professionals. Master locksmiths are always professional and take their work seriously. They will treat your property with the utmost respect and will go the extra mile to help you secure your property.
  •  We Are Affordable

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Master Locksmith Is Located At 7584 Olive Blvd unit 202, St. Louis Missouri, 63130 In University City/ Central St Louis – Serving The Surrounding Saint Louis and St Louis County, MO Areas. Here are some of the areas in the city and county our mobile locksmiths work in:


Call Us At Master Locksmith Today For All Your Lock Repair, Rekeying, Key, And Security Needs! Get 24 Hour Residential, Commercial, and Auto Locksmith Service

When it comes to finding a residential locksmith in St Louis, there is no shortage of options. In fact, there are so many locksmiths in the city of St Louis that it can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs. However, if you are looking for a reliable and experienced locksmith in Saint Louis, you should definitely consider hiring one from the team at Master Locksmith.

Our locksmith company is known for its high level of customer service and its ability to quickly and efficiently solve any locksmith problems that you may encounter. In addition, the team at Master Locksmiths is also equipped with the latest in locksmith technology, so you can be sure that they will be able to help you solve any security issues that you may be facing in St Louis. So if you are in need of a reliable and experienced residential locksmith, you should definitely consider hiring one from the team at Master Locksmiths.

We will be able to help you solve any locksmith problems that you may encounter, and are also known for our high level of customer service.

Master locksmiths are highly skilled professionals who can handle any type of lock and security needs. They have years of experience and are able to create custom security solutions for their clients. They are experts in the field of locks and security, and can help you protect your assets and ensure your security. If you need help with your security needs, contact the real “Master Locksmith” today!

We Fix, Install, Repair, And Replace The Best Lock And Key Brands


Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some of our most commonly asked questions about our Locksmiths and Locksmithing Services. Also, just call and ask us anything!

"Locksmiths are expensive because they have the technical training and expertise to do jobs that most other people can't do. They're also available 24/7 which means they can charge extra if it's outside of normal business hours."

Locksmith Cost Calculator

National Average$158
Typical Range$98 - $218
Low End - High End$50 - $395

Call Master Locksmith and schedule your FREE, On-Site Estimate for the most accurate cost info. 

"How to unlock a door without a key? Master Locksmith 
  1. Use a bobby pin. The bobby pin lock pick is one of the most common tricks used to unlock doors. ...
  2. Use a screwdriver. The way you use a screwdriver to open a door without using a key is quite easy. ...
  3. Use a knife. ...
  4. Lock picking. ...
  5. Use a credit card. ...
  6. Use a Bump key. ...
  7. Remove the hinges.

Best to call Master Locksmith to unlock the door lock for you!!

"If it's a lost key a locksmith can make you a key without the original, as locksmiths can make keys to lock by hand. By using a blank and a file and the skills, they've developed over the years a locksmith can create a key from scratch without the need for an original key."

"When you rekey your locks, you're altering the lock mechanism so that the old key will no longer open it. Instead, a new key will be necessary. In many circumstances, rekeying your locks makes more sense than changing your locks."

"Yes, Master Locksmith has 24 Hour Emergency Locksmiths working in Ladue, Maryland Heights, Creve Coeur, University City, Overland, Town And Country, Des Peres, and surrounding areas."

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Emergencies can happen when we least expect it. Whether you’re locked out of your vehicle, home, business, or need a new car key, our Expert Lock n Key Techs are here for you- 24 hours a day. Read more about our Emergency Locksmiths in St. Louis.