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Oh no, are you locked out of your house again? You left the keys inside your car and now you are locked out? You jammed your store key too hard on the lock and end up breaking it? Then, you are in a bit of a plight, aren’t you? Lockout situations are impossible to foresee, they will happen at any given time no matter if it is day or night, and to make matters worse most people don’t know to handle themselves in such situations. Finding oneself locked out of our home, car, or store is always an exasperating situation, and people do tend to take horrible decisions during these trouble times including choosing a terrible emergency service that takes hours to come to them. Master Locksmith in Newmarket, Canada, has the fastest response time in town, just under thirty minutes, and once we are at the scene, we work through the problem even faster than that thanks to our capable team of expert locksmith technicians.

We are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and all year round. Our goal is to fix whatever problem you are experiencing while offering top-notch customer service.


Emergencies can happen when we least expect it. Whether you’re locked out of your vehicle or need a new car key, our Expert Lock n Key Techs are here for you.

Locked out of your home in newmarket?

A few things can be as frustrating as getting locked out of your home, especially if it happens regularly. But it is always important to remember before you have a full-blown panic attack is that house lockouts are so common, Master Locksmith in Newmarket, Canada, has developed faster ways to reach you and even faster ways to fix the problem. We receive house lockout emergency calls on a daily basis, so rest assured our expert team of technicians know exactly how to handle it. No other company in town will provide you with a cost-effective house lockout service like ours.

When it comes to providing security, a sense of safety, and protecting yours and your family’s well-being, the residential lock installed in your doors is one of the key elements. Master Locksmith is proud to offer one of the most reliable lock change services in Newmarket, Canada. When you call us, you will get a fully trained, qualified, and reliable locksmith technician coming down to your home and guiding you through the process of changing a lock as well as suggesting ways brands and models to increase security around the home.

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